Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Country Church" - SOLD

Acrylic  6"x8"  Canvas Board 

I've been planning to paint this little church and its hillside churchyard for a long time. Last Labor Day, I set out to paint it on location, en plein air. In spite of my determination, I was no match for the wind which was gusting to about 35 mph that day on the prairie. I managed only a little study while holding on to my easel for dear life. I had to settle for taking a few pictures and painting it back home in my studio. I can't begin to describe in one brief blog entry what a special place this is to me...for all the happy memories and sad memories, the Sunday School lessons and Christmas programs, the wonderful old hymns and beautiful stained glass windows. Easter, the celebration of God's incredible love for us through the death and resurrection of His Son, just seemed like the right time to post this little painting. Happy Easter!

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