Monday, February 14, 2011

“Allis’ Place”


Oil     6”x8”     Canvas Board

For the longest time, this old Allis-Chalmers tractor was parked in front of the garage by the little white house near my uncle’s place. I looked for it every time I drove by. Then one day it was gone. I never knew the story, but I loved seeing that bright splash of orange, no matter the season or the time of day. I chose to paint the summer version of it, reminiscent of its days on the farm.


  1. My Dad had an little orange Allis .. i even drove it a couple of times.. since I had 5 brothers, they got to drive while I did laundry and dishes...
    i LOVE it!!

  2. Thanks, Judi. I never got much tractor time either (with brothers and cousins), but this one still brings back memories of the times they let me have a turn. Thanks for the encouragement!