Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oregon Beach

Acrylic   8''x10"   Canvas Board   NFS

I painted this to try to capture the feel of the beach our family enjoyed a few summers ago when we rented a house for a week on the Oregon coast. The proportions of the waves, the golden retrievers (Buck and Snoozer), and the two family members in the distance may not be exactly right. But, for me, the painting evokes memories of the wind in the sea grass, the bonfire we had on the beach our last night, the kites we flew, the freezing waves we played in, and the countless sand dollars we found every morning as we roamed far in each direction.


  1. what part of the oregon coast is it?? we go there a lot.. lincoln city, mostly.. love it there but have not captured "the coast" in my paintings as yet..

  2. Hi Judi,
    Thanks for commenting. This is Gearhart Beach, just north of Seaside. I've been to Lincoln City, too. It's beautiful! I love the rocks and dunes and lighthouses up and down the coast.