Friday, December 4, 2009

"Green Gully"

Acrylic   8"x10"   Canvas Board   SOLD

This painting was done on location one lush summer afternoon as the sun was slowly making its way toward the western horizon. It's that time of day when all is peaceful and you just want to plop down in a lawn chair with a Diet Coke and contemplate life and nature. I love being a painter and having the excuse to stop and enjoy something so simple as this little gully...something so otherwise easily overlooked.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Sun and Shade"

Acrylic   8"x10"   Canvas Board   NFS

Today, on this very wintry day in December, I like the way this painting reminds me of soft summer breezes, hazy afternoons, and the luxury of time to do the things one feels like setting up my easel on my mom's deck and painting the view from there. Only about six months until this scene emerges again.

"Cape Cod Boats"

Oil   8"x10"   Canvas Board   NFS

These boats were pulled up on the shore of a little inlet near Chatham, MA, the location of a workshop I took with Charles Sovek a few years ago. Having set up my easel with the rest of the class on the beach, I first painted the boats at anchor out in the bay. Then, I couldn't resist this group of colorful craft bunched together just above the tide line. The sun was high in the sky so the contrast in values isn't very pronounced. This was only the second plein air painting I had done in years, and I was pretty pleased with the colors and the fresh, loose quality of the brushstrokes.

"Shades of Blue"

Acrylic   6"x6"   Stretched Canvas  

Just a pair of sunglasses in a monochromatic color scheme. I had fun breaking up the space and leaving the area surrounding the glasses up to the viewer's imagination.