Sunday, September 19, 2010

“Dawn, Fishing Opener” - SOLD

Acrylic      16”x20”      Stretched Canvas
This is a piece I just finished for a group show at the Spirit Room in downtown Fargo based on the theme “Playing with Proportion.” I had dozens of ideas for possible paintings because, ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved to imagine a world in which miniature things were life-sized or people were tiny compared to everyday things. With that in mind, everywhere I look in my house there are possibilities for paintings that play with proportion. I just kept coming back to the fishing theme and a story began to take root in my imagination. It’s the middle of May and the opening day of Minnesota fishing season. Someone has been counting down the days to this long-awaited event and is about to head out, having had their “Breakfast of Champions.” But there seems to be more to the story than that. Let your imagination complete the story any way you want. And pause to take a closer look around you today…there just may be more going on than you think. :)