Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Plein Air Paintings

Spring River

Bend in the River

River in Spring

Yesterday, I took part in a plein air painting event in Breckenridge, MN where three rivers meet…the Red River of the North, the Otter Tail, and the Bois de Sioux. It was a chilly, WINDY spring day, but it was great to spend time with other artists doing what we love.

I have no idea which river I was painting at any given time. In the morning, I set up to try to capture shadows across a path to the river. The Canada geese were everywhere with their honking and splashing and the wind was another constant companion. In the afternoon, I did the two quicker studies of bends in the river. I actually like those better than my morning painting. I didn’t spend nearly as long on them, and they’re fresher and more spontaneous.

I want to thank Amy and everybody involved with the Three Rivers Arts Council for planning an carrying out this fun event!