Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Wall of Paintings

wall of paintings

On one wall of my living room, I’ve tacked up some strips of wood so I can display my little paintings in a large group. It’s fun to have a place to put a wet painting as soon as it’s finished (or if I’m trying to decide what else it needs). It’s also fun for me to see what I’ve accomplished lately. Many of these have been in a show for the past two months, but, when I brought them home, I popped them out of their frames and put them back up on the wall. I think, together in one place, they look pretty cool.

Monday, November 1, 2010

“Late Afternoon Bricks”


6”x8”     Oil     Canvas Board

Today’s painting is quite a change from my recent plein air subjects. We set up our easels in a downtown parking lot late in the day rather than by the river or in a park. I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture this little urban scene in only 60 minutes. I especially like the oranges and yellows against the October sky. Not much detail…only enough time for the overall impression. I think it needs more power lines which I’ll add after it dries a little.