Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Yunker Farm Paint-Out"

"The House at Yunker Farm"
Acrylic   6"x8"   Canvas Board

One really hot day in August, a group of us met at Yunker Farm and the adjacent Botanical Gardens to paint for the day. I painted the gardens in the morning and early afternoon, but this wonderful, old, red brick farmhouse kept calling to me. I only had about an hour's worth of energy and concentration left in me when I set up to paint this view, but it was fun to just put the paint down and not fuss with it. My record of the architecture isn't perfect, but I can look at the painting and remember exactly what my impressions were of the day and the place.


"Alphabet Garden"
Acrylic   6"x8"   Canvas Board

At the Botanical Gardens, there's this wonderful area laid out with big ABCs made out of bricks or stones or whatever. The names of the flowers and plants around and within each letter begin with that letter. The garden is planted and kept up totally by volunteers. I tried to capture the path and the riot of colors backlit by the morning sun.
"Garden Shadows"
Acrylic   6"x8"   Canvas Board

Most of the group set up in the shade near this little garden to paint. This patch of flowers only takes up a few square feet, but it was delightful. Just goes to show that good things often do come in small packages.... just like little paintings, right?

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