Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"A Break in the Trees" - SOLD

Acrylic   8"x10"   Canvas Board

This was painted on location on a farm along the Red River, south of Fargo. What appealed to me about this scene was the way the trees framed the far off view and added to the sense of space in the picture. Several of us set up to paint that afternoon, some using pastels, some oils, and some watercolors. I, myself, am concentrating on acrylics these days. They're so easy to travel with and are not hazardous to use in my home studio. While I love the look and smell of oil paints, I also love the bright colors I can get with acrylics and the immediacy of not having to wait for them to dry. I find sticking with one medium, and learning to do that well, takes one variable out of this process of teaching myself to paint the things I want to paint.

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